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Leader in tubular solutions

Our core business: Welded steel tubes

A century-old company, steel tubes have always been the backbone of our activities. Integrated production at our Vincey site allows us to offer a varied range of welded, black or coated steel tubes.

All our production is made in France, in the Vosges, under the Véritube label, guarantor of the quality of our products.

Our membership of the ARCELORMITTAL group in the ARCELOR TUBULAR PRODUCTS branch guarantees us to work with first choice raw materials.

Our tube processing activities

Our core business is the manufacture of welded steel tubes. Over the years, we have acquired industrial tools and know-how allowing us to carry out new complementary activities:
  • Tube finishing (Cutting, Laser cutting, bending, end work)
  • Mechanical welding on customer plans
  • Manufacturing of mobile storage means, metal pallets and storage racks
  • Manufacturing of professional greenhouses and storage shelters

A century-old history

Founded in 1916 under the name Tubes de Vincey, our factory has a long history. Initially steelmaking, and equipped with a rolling mill, it employed more than 700 workers at the time. The rolling mill was razed in 1990 but the metallurgical activity continued. The factory then became part of the Lorraine Tubes group, bought by the Spanish Condesa group. In 2017, ArcelorMittal acquired Lorraine Tubes which became AMTPL (ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Lexy)

Quality products

AXAME has designed and manufactured several ranges of products for many years:
  • Standard mobile storage means (Manurack, Europool crate, big bag rack, etc.)
  • Customized pallets and racks (Wire baskets, barrier racks, tire racks, long product racks, etc.)
  • Designed products, adapted to your specifications and needs
  • Professional greenhouses, and garden sheds

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