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One factory, 5 industrial activities

Manufacturing of welded steel tubes

Our main activity is the manufacturing of welded steel tubes.

We use quality materials and advanced welding techniques to produce strong, durable tubing for a wide range of industrial, construction and material handling applications.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide them with products and services that meet their expectations.

Finishing on tubes

Our finishing business consists of providing additional operations on the welded steel tubes that we produce. We have state-of-the-art equipment for length sawing, tube laser cutting and other end or bending work, to meet the specific needs of our markets.

Our CNC saw-to-length capability allows us to cut tubes to precise, uniform lengths in large volumes, for automotive or industrial applications.

Laser cutting of tubes is a precise and rapid cutting technique that allows us to produce parts of complex shapes with great precision.

Our bending capability allows us to work welded steel tubes to precise angles and shapes.

By combining these capabilities, we can offer superior quality finished tubes that meet our customers’ specific needs, and offer a turnkey service for industrial, construction and engineering projects.

Mechanical welding

Our team of qualified welders is trained in different welding techniques, guaranteeing a quality and durable welding service for each project.

We also rely on our modern industrial park, in particular our automatic welding robots, for repeatability and homogeneity of our production.

Whether for our own products (post supports, posts, tubular frames, etc.) or subcontracted products on plans, we can provide a competitive and quality solution to our customers, whether small, medium or large series.

Mobile means of Storage & Handling

Whether standard or custom model, to customer plan or design, we have the solution for your storage and handling needs.

Professional greenhouses

Our Greenhouses activity consists of producing and distributing a range made up of three products:
  • The garden greenhouses, for individuals wishing to grow their own fruits and vegetables in a 100% French greenhouse, solid and durable.
  • The market garden greenhouses, for professionals who wish to acquire a robust, local production tool adapted to their needs.
  • Storage shelters, for professionals and farmers who wish to have a large storage space sheltered from bad weather, less expensive and complex than a permanent building.

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