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Storage Racks & handling

Our design and manufacturing expertise

We have been manufacturing metal pallets, storage racks, rolls, and even transport racks for several decades. Our mastery of tube manufacturing and processing, as well as our wide range of production tools, allows us to meet a large number of needs. From the unit prototype, to the series of several hundred parts through the automotive pre-series, we necessarily have a solution for your business. We design racks for all types of industries: Logistics, construction, automotive, steel, manufacturing industries. Our products are divided into three categories:
  • Standard racks
  • Customized racks
  • Racks in design

Standard racks

Standard racks are racks whose use is widespread, and which we produce in series. Some examples :
  • Simple Manurack
  • Double Manurack
  • Big bag rack
  • Europool checkout / Gitterbox
However, we can offer different finishes and options on these products. For example, powder coating, wooden flooring, installation of tracing labels, etc.

Standard racks

Custom racks

Custom racks

An existing philosophy, adapted to your needs

Over the years we have developed a wide range of racks intended for specific uses:

Racks for long products, with friezes, with casings, with scaffolding, metal pallets (with or without casters), mattress racks, racks with doors…

Your products are not the same as those of your competitors. Thus, we adapt our racks to your constraints in order to offer you the appropriate storage/logistics solution.

Adjustable in dimensions, payload and finishes, our racks will be the ideal solution for your business.

Racks in design

A brand new product, created from a blank sheet of paper.

In the event that our range of tailor-made products is not suitable for storing your products, we can offer you designer racks. Two solutions are available to you:
  • You already have plans for the racks you want. We study the technical feasibility, and produce according to them.
  • Our design office designs racks adapted to your needs. Depending on the quantity required, our method office prepares mass production.

Racks in design

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