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Welded tube manufacturer

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From slitting coils to finishing operations (cutting, bending, welding, etc.), we control the entire life cycle of the tube on our Vincey site in the Vosges.

French manufacturer under the VERITUBE label, each year, we produce and complete more than 10,000 tonnes of welded steel tubes.

The process of manufacturing a welded tube

Here is an overview of the manufacturing process of a welded tube in our factory. We start from a steel coil which is split into coils. The strip is then profiled to obtain a tube. This diagram should be read from right to left, one line after the other! (in the direction of the arrows)

Tube formats

All tubes are round shaped. But they are then deformed in a controlled manner to make three shapes:
  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
These profiles are defined by the manufacturing standard NF-EN-10219 and EN-10305

The materials

We produce black, DKP or coated tubes.

The steel grades worked are mainly S235 and S355 for black, E220 to E360 for DKP.

Concerning the coated tubes, called Sendzimir, we use a steel on which there is a layer of zinc giving it great resistance to corrosion, from Z100 to Z275 (other coatings on request).

L’appartenance au groupe ARCELORMITTAL nous garantit une qualité optimale pour notre matière première.  

Our production capacities

Our tube sections therefore vary from 20x20mm to 70x70mm with thicknesses ranging from 1.5 to 3.2mm. You will find all the sections that we produce in the table opposite. If you are looking for other dimensions, do not hesitate to contact us. We have many solutions within the ArcelorMittal group.
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The conditioning

We package our tubes in ringed bundles, placed on wood. This packaging allows handling by trolley or bridge.

Depending on your specific needs, we can adapt the packaging: Maximum weight of bundles, steel or PVC strapping, etc.


Our tubes are intended for two types of use in particular.

The completion

The tube is transformed to adapt it to its final use via finishing operations: Cutting to length, drilling, laser cutting, bending, shrinking, flaring, threading or even notching.

Mechanical welding

The tube is transformed then used internally for our mechanical welding projects (racks, own products) or for those of our customers. The mechanically welded products are therefore 100% manufactured in our workshops.

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